E+ Mission Hill LLC

Innovativ(E+) Ideas – The E+ Mission Hill team looked to maximize the benefits of community gardens and public open spaces by minimizing the building footprint (combining parcels, building on one). This allows for an optimal south facing orientation the gardens, the building, and the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.  This siting of gardens and building also ensures the safety and viability for the residents, gardeners, and neighbors- a truly symbiotic community development.

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Neighborhood Analysis,
Site Section & Project Description

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Site Plan & Landscape Design

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Building Elevations &
Commercial Opportunity

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Building 1 & Green Building

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Building 2 & Sustainable Design

Project Team
Greylock Glenville LLC
Urban Spaces LLC
Hart Development AssociatesArchitect:
RODE Architects IncLandscape Architect:
Studio 2112Sustainability Consultants:
Thornton TomasettiHERS/Green Rater:
Price Sustainability AssociatesCivil Engineer:
Doyle Engineering
Land Use Statistics

  • Approx. 47,000 sqft Residential
  •  44 Total units


  • 4,000 sqft
  • Interest from “Hopsters,” a brew-your-own beer restaurant (3,000 sq ft)
  • Remaining 1,000 sq ft for coffee shop/bistro-style restaurant
  • Public Open Spaces

    • Hardscape plaza on Parker for seasonal neighborhood uses (i.e. farmer’s markets, yard sales, outdoor art shows)
    • Patio/plaza next to Terrace St. retail
    • Wide stairs from Terrace St. plaza to gardens & residences

    Community Garden/Art Park

    • 14,000 sqft, plus art park and community greenhouse


    • 31 Car spaces (all enclosed, 27 residential, 4 commercial)
    • 50+ Bike Spaces
    Community Garden Design
    The development team is partnering with Green City Growers to provide for the ongoing sustainability and management of the garden site. In addition, there will also be demonstration gardens and ongoing regular educational/training seminars to engage the community and those interested in community farming. A Greenhouse structure is also envisioned to extend the growing season and provide an outpost for the successful use and cultivation of the gardens.

    In addition, carefully designed areas are set aside for community art installations. The art park will have prominent frontage along Parker St. and will also be integrated throughout the community gardens at intersecting paths and specific viewing points.

    Building Design
     The proposed development consists of 8 traditional townhouse style apartments, 31 mid-rise apartments and 5 lifestyle lofts for a total 44 units. This mix allows us to adjust the scale of the buildings to the context of the site and provide a diverse selection of housing types and open space.

    By embracing the site’s topography, we are able to scale the building to place the larger 45’ (approx.) high building on Terrace St., while allowing the Parker St. side to remain at a consistent 35’ (approx.) high townhouse residential scale.

    The ground level along Terrace St. will contain approximately 4,000 sqft of retail. The development team has strong interest from Hopsters, a brew-your–own beer restaurant concept that would occupy approximately 3,000 sqft of the retail leaving approximately 1,000 sqft for a coffee shop or bistro-style restaurant.

    Sustainable Design
     We plan to incorporate several unique and exciting features to achieve LEED Platinum certification such as solar panels, triple pane windows, solar water heaters/ preheaters, a rainwater reclamation system and individual apartment mechanical systems with individual apartment monitoring and interface systems.

    After designing for energy efficiency to lower consumption as much as possible, solar panels are the foundation of our on-site renewable energy production. E+ Mission Hill LLC is integrating the solar panels into the architecture of the design by incorporating shed roof systems. This allows the solar panels to be mounted directly to the roof and maximizes the space allocation while simultaneously decreasing the effects of shading from adjacent panels. In addition to roof mounting, the project will also provide photovoltaic panels (PV) on a supporting structure over the parking area. We intend to boost the efficiency of the solar panels by integrating a state-of-the-art combination thermal heat exchanger and hot water tank. This innovation is expected to triple the PV efficiency by cooling the panel, which will allow it to be more efficient while simultaneously providing pre-heated hot water to the hot water tank. 

    HERS Rating
    Avg: -1.6
    Individual Unit Scores: -1, -1, -2, -2, -2
    Preliminary LEED Rating
    Rating: 103
    Pts. above Platinum: 13