Join us on January 28 for a behind-the-walls tour exposing the innovative practices and systems that go into an E+ (energy positive), LEED Platinum building and advancing the Mayor’s Carbon Free Boston 2050 commitment. Please RSVP by January 25th to:​.

The Boston Planning & Development Agency and the Department of Neighborhood Development have restarted community planning of the E+ Green Community Highland Park Site on Highland and Marcella Streets, Roxbury. The next community meeting is scheduled for January 26, 2017.
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The 36-38 Colonial Avenue Request for Proposals submission period has ended. An update on the selection process is forthcoming.
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Learn more about Built Projects at Catherine Street in Jamaica Plain and Marcella Street in Roxbury.

E+ Green Building DashBoard goes Live! embue systems actively monitoring and tracking energy performance at Marcella St. (226 Highland St) and Catherine St. projects.
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In Boston, we are taking our green building and renewable energy efforts to the next frontier by creating ultra-efficient buildings that generate surplus clean energy. We are demonstrating that energy positive green homes and buildings can be constructed sustainably and cost-effectively, while enhancing the livability and vitality of Boston’s neighborhoods now and into the future.


Boston, a national leader in green building, is promoting the next generation of high performance deep green buildings. The E+ Green Building Program will demonstrate the feasibility of regenerative multi-unit residential buildings and bring energy and environmentally positive homes to Boston’s neighborhoods.These proposal submissions show us that regenerative buildings are achievable and not beholden to a particular esthetic.

We are deeply appreciative of the time, expertise, and effort each team has put in their proposal. As evidenced by their vision, creativity and ingenuity, each and every team is a leader in green building design, engineering, and sustainable development.

The initiative continues Boston’s efforts to promote sustainable development and green buildings throughout the City. With the support of NSTAR Electric and National Grid and in partnership with the US Green Building Council, the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter, the Boston Society of Architects and the Boston Architectural College, this initiative is challenging leading architects, engineers, developers, and builders to respond to global climate change and envision a truly sustainable future.

The E+ Program is an initiative of the Boston Environment Department, the Department of Neighborhood Development and the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Program Partners

The E+ Green Building Demonstration Program is a City of Boston initiative supported by local and national sponsors who will assist with promoting the initiative and recognizing selected submissions for innovations in design and construction that advance the goals of E+ Green Program.

Sponsors: EverSource – National Grid – US Green Building Council – Massachusetts USGBC Chapter – Boston Society of Architects