RFP Design Submissions

Each E+ RFP has called upon leading developers, architects, and engineers to collaborate and submit proposals for energy positive deep green buildings.

Several E+ RFPs have included multiple development opportunities with site specific guidelines. In those instances, proponents may respond to multiple sites but each proposal must be site specific:

E+ Green Buildings – Pilot – March 2011

  • Catherine Street
  • 156 Highland Street
  • 232 Highland Street

E+ Green Communities – Mission Hill – March 2013

  • Parker & Terrace Streets

E+ Green Buildings – Talbot Norfolk Triangle Eco-Innovation District – June 2016

  • 36-38 Colonial Avenue

E+ Green Communities – Highland Park – November 2017

  • Highland & Marcella Streets – Package 1
  • Highland & Marcella Streets – Package 2
  • Highland & Marcella Streets – Package 3
  • Highland & Marcella Streets – Package 4
  • Highland & Marcella Streets – Package 5

The development, architecture, and engineering community’s response the E+ RFPs has been extraordinary and has demonstrated the amazing talent and creativity of our local professionals as well as their deep commitment to advancing building practices to create a more sustainable Boston.

The RFP submissions show a wide range of approaches to high performance net positive building designs that are tuned to both the local site and the local community. The design proposals demonstrate that, net positive buildings are not beholden to any one aesthetic or building typology and that the development of urban net positive deep green buildings is feasible today.

We are deeply appreciative of the time and the energy that each team has contributed in the preparation of these proposals. In celebration of the genius, creativity, and commitment of all the participants we offer the design submissions for each RFP.