About E+

E+Positive: Energy, Environment, Equity

The E+ Green Building Program has challenged leading architects, builders, and developers to work together to design and construct high performance, green, urban homes and to demonstrate the feasibility of regenerative buildings in Boston. Five key objectives guide the program and selection process:



Demonstrates the performance, construction, and financial potential for locally built, energy positive, deep green, urban buildings with on-site renewable energy resources.

Future Prototype

Construct high performance, green buildings using “on-the-shelf” products and materials, and replicable strategies that can serve as models for future practice.

Housing Opportunities

Provide new housing opportunities affordable to a range of income earners in sustainable neighborhoods that are connected to nearby transit, work, and community amenities.


Raise public and professional awareness of the importance and potential for high performance, residential, green buildings and design and construction practices.

Urban Design

Reinvigorate Boston neighborhoods with new development that is both expressive of its high performance, green building features and is respectful of its context.