Mission Hill: RFP – Issued on March 18, 2013 and closed on June 2, 2013


The Department of Neighborhood Development and the BRA are seeking the very best practitioners in the Sustainable Development and Green Building industry to help us create a lasting, inspiring development. The Mission Hill site is leading the Mayor’s E+ Green Communities Program, which seeks to advance Boston’s Sustainable Development and Green Building efforts to the next level by creating LEED Platinum, energy positive, healthy homes that enhance the sustainability of the surrounding communities.

The Mission Hill site is comprised of two smaller sites:

Parker Terrace Development Site

Site 1: 790 – 796 Parker Street
Approximately 15,007 square feet
RFP for: 

  • Housing development of up to three buildings





Site 2: 778 – 788 Parker Street + 77 Terrace Street
Approximately 42,450 square feet
RFP for: 

  • Community garden space (approximately 14,000 sf dedicated community gardens) on Parker Street;
  • Housing (up to 25-35 residential units);
  • Mixed-use housing + commercial (25-35 residential units; up to 8,000 sf for local retail, commercial, and/or or light industrial); or
  • Commercial + light industrial uses on Terrace Street.