PT Mission Hill LLC

Innovativ(E+) Ideas -The proposal by PT Mission Hill LLC included the experimental use of roof water to power a small turbine, & a resident-shared diesel car operating on waste vegetable oil.

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Site Plan & Building Use

PT Mission Hill LLC



Plan, Elevations & Sustainable Features

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Plan, Elevations & Building Performance

Project Team
PT Mission Hill, LLC

General Contractor:
Maple Hurst Builders, Inc.

Spalding Tougias Architects, Inc.

Energy Consultant:
Conservation Services Group

Landscape Designer:
TJW Land Design

Geotechnical Engineer:
KKM Geotechnical Consultants, LLC

Civil Engr:
HW Moore Associates, Inc

Structural Engr:
John Queen & Associates, Inc

Land Use Statistics

  • 39,550 sqft
  • 43 Units


  • 1,730 sqft
  • Café displaying rotating exhibitions of art by local artists

Public Open Spaces/Art Park

  • 4,630 sqft shared workspace

Community Garden

  • 3,200 sqft


  • 39 Car Spaces
  • 45 Bike  Spaces
Community Garden Design
The community garden is an integral component of the project. It will be owned by the Proponent and leased to an appropriate non-profit community group for $1/year. A deed restriction will prevent future development of the parcel. Both water, via an irrigation well, and electricity will be provided as amenities to the garden. The garden itself will be comprised of 24 raised beds with certified soil, 3-tiers of stone walls, the relocated Art Park gazebo, a new gardening shed, electrical outlets and nominal safety lighting.
Building Design
The Parker Street site will be improved with a single 10-unit residential building of 8 two-bedroom and 2 three-bedroom condominiums with garage parking at a ratio of 1.5 spaces per unit. Underground parking is accessed via a single driveway that is shared with the community garden. Two units (20% of total) will be sold as affordable homes in accordance with the requirements of the City’s Inclusionary Zoning program.

The Terrace Street site will be improved with a single mixed-use building comprised of a café, shared workspace, 28 rental housing units, 5 rental artist live/work studios and garage parking for 24 vehicles, a ratio of 0.73 spaces per unit. The apartments are comprised of 19 two-bedroom and 14 one bedroom. Seven units (20% of total) will be affordable and meet AMI requirements.

Sustainable Design
Our goal is to minimize waste and inefficiency. Construct it once and with permanence. Building materials belong on the structure and not in the landfill. Upon completion, the structure should sip BTUs like a dinner guest with an aperitif, not a schoolboy with a cheap lager.

Our strategy is to reduce energy usage by constructing a tight, well insulated shell and installing efficient plumbing, lighting and hvac equipment. Solar photovoltaic panels will produce most of the renewable on-site energy. The solar photovoltaic panels will be 240 watt 5.5’x4.5’ panels, producing 120,000 kWh per year total. We have planned for a 71 kW system on Terrace, and a 29 kW system on Parker.

HERS Rating
Parker St. Units:

  • 1st Floor = 26
  • 2nd Floor = 25
  • 3rd Floor = 31

Terrace St. Units:

  • 28
Preliminary LEED Rating
Rating: 146
Pts. above Platinum: 56